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Past Leadership

Except for the first year, according to the CCA constitution, members of the CCA steering committee (identified as the executive committee in the CCA News) serve a two-year term. The first four officers are elected. The immediate past president serves as an ex-officio. Other positions are appointed by the president. The following are previous members of the committee.
2019-2021 President 
Jack Qiu (Chinese University of Hong Kong )
2015-2017 President 
Bu Zhong (Pennsylvania State University )
2011-2013 President 
Ran Wei (University of South Carolina)
2008-2009 President 
Bonnie Peng (National Chengchi University)
2004-2006 President 
Junhao Hong (New York State University-Buffalo)
2000-2002 President 
Shujen Wang (Emerson College)
1996-1998 President
Tsan-Kuo Chang (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)
1992-1994 President
Chin-Chuan Lee (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)
2017-2019 President 
Shuhua Zhou (University of Alabama)
2013-2015 President 
Yu-li Liu (National Chengchi University)
2009-2011 President 
Zhou He (City University of Hong Kong)
2006-2008 President 
Xiaoming Hao (Nanyang Technological University)
2002-2004 President 
Jonathan Jian-Hua Zhu (City University of Hong Kong)
1998-2000 President 
Joseph Man Chan (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
1994-1996 President 
Leonard L. Chu (Hong Kong Baptist University)
1991-1992 President 
Chin-Chuan Lee (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)
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