Steering Committee

Dr. Yong Volz


University of Missouri

Dr. Lu Tang

Vice President and Research Chair

Texas A&M Univesity 

Dr. Xi Cui


College of Charleston

Dr. Trisha T. C. Lin

ICA Research Co-Chair and Social Media Chair

National Cheng-Chi University 

Dr. Sunny Xun Liu

AEJMC Research Co-Chair

Stanford University

Dr. Shaohai Jiang

NCA Research Co-Chair and Liaison for Singapore

National University of Singapore

Dr. Zhaoxi Liu

Membership Chair

Trinity University

Dr. Jinghong Xu

Liaison for Mainland China

Beijing Normal Univerisity 

Wenxue Zou

Graduate Student Liaison

Texas A&M University

Dr. Yunya Song

Award Co-Chairs and Liaison for Hong Kong, Macao &  Taiwan

Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Lei Guo

Awards Co-Chair

Boston University

Dr. Lei Guo

Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

University of Nebraska, Omaha

Dr. Shuhua Zhou

Listserv Manager

University of Missouri

Dr. Jack Qiu

Immediate Past President 

National University of Singapore