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CCANET (Chinese Communication Association Listserv):

CCA operates a listserv, CCANET, to disseminate timely information to its members. While the frequency of messages were not regulated, we pride ourselves in policing the listserv so only useful information is sent to CCA members and friends. You don’t have to be a member to subscribe. All messages will be monitored and sent by the listserv manager, so you won’t be bombarded by junk mails.

CCANET welcomes submissions of announcements, questions, comments, and discussion on any aspect related or relevant to Chinese communication research, defined broadly to include communication study involving China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Chinese communities around the world. The CCANET is a moderated network service. Any message sent to the listserv will be posted “as is,” unless the content is irrelevant to the purpose and mission of the CCA. Editing will be done only when it is necessary.

CCA thanks the Department of Telecommunication and Film, College of Communication & Information Sciences, The University of Alabama for its support of the CCANET. The content posted on the CCANET is the sole responsibility of the individual submitters and does not represent the views of the CCA, TCF, or the University.

  • How to Subscribe?

  • To join CCANET, e-mail your subscription request to Dr. Shuhua Zhou at

  • How to Post a Message?

  • To post a message on CCANET, e-mail the message to Dr. Shuhua Zhou at


Subscriptions to CCANET are free to all. If you do not want to be included in the current CCANET, please “unsubscribe” to remove your e-mail address from the list.

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