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Sep. 15. 2019

Dear CCA members,


Mass Communication Research (新聞學研究) is pleased to announce the publication of its latest issue (Vol. 141), which includes four original articles and one research note. All four articles are based on empirical studies. Tingyu Kang examines Taiwanese women’s sexualization of the self on social media in the context of a post-feminist media culture. Yow-Jiun Wang’s case studies on Facebook parenting stories explore how social media accommodates the interplay between others’ gaze and self-gaze as alluded to in the continuous micro-memory narratives on this platform. Cheng-Chung Lee conducts a longitudinal study to investigate how mobile Internet’s increasing popularity has impacted users’ time spent on the wired Internet and traditional media. Wang Nan’s research on ‘bullet subtitles’ unveils a popular sub-culture of audiences when viewing videos online. The research note written by Jianhua Yao and Sisu Xu proposes that the ‘mediatization of labor’ and the ‘laboring of media’ could be useful concepts for future digital labor studies. These articles and notes are in response to the latest research topics on the Internet.
Please visit our new website for the content of this and past issues: More details on the current issue are provided below.

  • Editor’s Notes  

  • Research Article

    • Empowerment and its limits? Postfeminism, social media, and selfies. 

    • The role of "others" in the self-narrative and memory construction on social network sites: A case study of Facebook parenting stories

    • A Longitudinal Study on the Impact of Mobile Internet on Wired Internet and Traditional Media Use among Generational Cohorts.                   

    • Bullet Subtitle of the “Joyduser”: virtual instant play in the intertextual context.           

  • Research Notes

    • The “Mediatization” of Labor and the “Laboring” of Media: The Connotation, Status Quo, and Future of Digital Labor Studies.

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The Mass Communication Research Editorial Collective
Sumei Wang (Chief Editor), Chang-De Liu, Eva Tsai, Jia-Wei Liu, Mei-Fang Fan, Yie-Jing Yang, Yu-Chung Cheng, Yuhmiin Chang, and Yu-Li Wang.

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