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2019 Award Winners

  • Dr. Xueying Zhang, currently an assistant professor at North Carolina A&T State University, won the Outstanding Dissertation Award. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Alabama. Dr. Zheng’s dissertation examines how people check and share health risk information on social media and how cognitive and affective elaboration affects behavioral intentions. As her nominator, Dr. Shuhua Zhou said in the nomination letter, Dr. Zhang’s dissertation “stood out from the others because it addressed a previously un-addressed topic that has social and theoretical importance; it dealt with the issue in a methodologically sophisticated manner, and its findings were presented in a compelling and interesting manner”.

  • Dr. Lu Tang, who is an associate professor at Texas A&M University, is the winner of the Best Faculty Article Award. Dr. Tang received the award for her article, entitled “Rise of Health Consumerism in China and Its Effects on Physicians”, which was published in Health Communication (2018, Volume 33, Number 5, pp. 636-642). Dr. Tang’s article explores how health communication skills between patients and health professionals can improve the quality and meaningfulness of their relationships. The award committee thinks that Dr. Lu Tang’s “timely and insightful article offers some theoretical valid and imminently practical approaches to addressing this important communication problem. Not only does it provide a useful model of research that can guide scholars in communicating effectively with constituent publics, if offers means for engaging these publics in health issues in a way that affects personal and public change.”

  • Mr. Lei Vincent Huang, a Ph.D. student at Hong Kong Baptist University is the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. He taught the course of Public Speaking multiple times in the year 2018 and obtained a teach- ing effectiveness score of 4.97 out of 5. According to his nominator, Dr. Yeo at HKBU. Mr. Huang “stands out among his peers for excellence in teaching, particularly in teaching effectiveness.” In addition, Dr. Yeo can “personally attest to how well Vincent has connected with students and how much they admire his dedication to teaching.”

  • Ms. Yiben Liu at the University of Alabama also received the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. Ms. Liu taught Media Effects in Fall 2018 and her teaching evaluations were 4.83 out of 5 on all of the criteria. Her nominator, Dr. Shuhua Zhou commented on her teaching that Ms. Liu is one of the finest teachers he has seen as a doctoral student.

  • Dr. Ven-hwei Lo is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been a faculty member, an administrator and a leader in Taiwan for most of his career. Currently, he is the editor of Communication and Society. As his nominator, Dr. Ran Wei said in the nomination letter, Dr. Lo “is widely respected as a leading scholar in mass communication research in Chinese societies across the Taiwan Strait.” “In media effects research, he is a leading senior scholar in studying how media content (e.g., political advertising and news stories) influences individuals’ attitudes, perception, and behavior”, and “in journalism research, he is a pioneer in the study of the paradigm shifts in the journalism profession across the three Chinese societies.” Dr. Lo “has authored or co-authored nine books and 121 journal articles, some of these articles in top-tier journalism and communication journals such as Communication Research, New Media and Society, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, and Media Psychology.”

  • Nominated by CCA president, Dr. Shuhua Zhou, Dr. Trisha Lin, and Dr. Jinghong Xu, both, received the Outstanding Service Awards after CCA Award Committee’s review.


  • Dr. Lin, an associate professor at National Chengchi University, has served on the CCA steering committee since she worked at Nanyang Technological University in 2011. Over the years, her support for CCA has never faded even after she moved back to Taiwan. As the ICA CCA conference/research co-chair, she has assisted the Vice President in reviewing submissions and arranging research programs during the 2017-2019 conference. She has also worked as the social media committee chair, managing the CCA Facebook. Moreover, Dr. Lin actively invited Mass Media Communication, the leading Communication Journal in Taiwan to partner with CCA.

  • Dr. Xu has served CCA actively for over years and been a key member of the CCA executive team in mainland China. He has recruited many CCA members in mainland China, including 21 life-time members.

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