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2022 Award Winners

  • Best Faculty Article Award:


Dr Céline Yunya Song (Hong Kong Baptist University), Dr. K. Hazel Kwon (Arizona State University), Dr. Jianliang Xu (Hong Kong Baptist University), Dr. Xin Huang (Hong Kong Baptist University), and Shiying Li (Airbnb) received the Best Faculty Article Award for their article “Curbing profanity online: A network-based diffusion analysis of profane speech on Chinese social media.” This study applied innovative computational methods to examine the network diffusion processes of profanlity in Sina Weibo. One of their nominators Dr. Mike Yao (The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) said the study “fills a gap in current knowledge about cyber incivilitiy by systematically examining its propagation process at the network level.” The other nominator Dr. Ping Zhang (Fudan University) commented that the research offers “critical insights into the censorship and moderation of online uncilvil speeches in the Chinese context.” 

  • Lifetime Achievement Award:

Dr. Shuhua Zhou is the recipient of the 2022 CCA Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Zhou is the Leonard H. Goldenson Endowed Chair of Radio and Television at Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri and has been a long-time leader and member of CCA. Dr. Zhou is a leading scholar on media effects and media psychology research. In addition to publishing numerous articles, book chapters and books in this field, he has been serving as the editor of the Journal of Broadcast & Electronic Media, the flagship journal of the Broadcast Education Association, as well as editor of the high-impact interdisciplinary journal, Computers in Human Behaviors, and another Chinese journal, Communication & Society. According to his nominator Dr. Lu Tang (Texas A&M University), Dr. Zhou is “an internationally respected researcher, outstanding teacher and a true leader in our field.”

  • Graduate Teaching Award:


​​Ms. Wenxue Zou, a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University is the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. Nominated by Dr. Lu Tang at Texas A&M University for being “a highly effective teacher while maintaining her research productivity,” Ms. Zou has accumulated a diverse teaching portfolio during her three years at Texas A&M University. She was an Instructor of Record for the courses “Introduction to Social Media,” “Group Communication,” and “Communication for Technical Professions.” Her students often commented that she was enthusiastic about the materials she was teaching and her classes were engaging with activities that involved each and every student. 

  • Service Award:


Dr. Jack Linchuan Qiu, a professor at National University of Singapore, is a recipient of the Outstanding Service Award. As a life-time member of CCA since 2000, Dr. Qiu has made continuous and impactful contribution to the growth of CCA. Especially during his presidency of CCA from 2019 to 2021, at the height of the global pandemic, he effectively led the leadership team to continue serving the CCA community. Most impressively, he created and organized the groundbreaking Solidarity Symposia webinar series, not only addressing pressing needs of CCA members for social support during the lockdown isolation but also significantly increasing CCA’s global impact by showcasing exemplary works by CCA members in areas of health communication, computational methods, critical cultural studies, and race and decolonial futures. Her nominator Dr. Yong Volz (University of Missouri) said Dr. Qiu deserves recognition because “he truly believes in the value of service” and “in his own way, he has contributed his heart and soul and devoted numerous hours to each of the service commitments.”

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