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CCA/AEJMC Panel, August 7, 2019

The CCA panel presented at this year’s AEJMC in Toronto consisted a nice mixture of senior and junior scholars and graduate students from Hong Kong, mainland China and the U.S. The topics included the history of news photography, MiTu movement in the digital era, and the uses of mobile media, mobile apps, and Facebook. Thanks to the presenters for their meticulously prepared presentations and to those who came to the panel to show support for CCA. A special thanks goes to Dr. Shuhua Zhou, CCA’s then-president, who served as the discussant for the five papers! Here is the full information of the CCA panel:


Understanding News and New Media: Chinese Experiences and Beyond (August 7, 1:30-3:00 p.m.) Moderator: Yong Volz (University of Missouri)

Discussant: Shuhua Zhou (University of Missouri)


• “Sentimental Pictures: On Concept Change in News Photography in 1980s China,” Junjian Liang (Tsinghua University) and Nan Wu (Communication University of China)

• “Contextualizing Connective Action in Proactive Authoritarian Regimes in Digital Era:#MiTu Movement in China,” Yiyan Zhang (Boston University)

• “Multitasking Retribalized as a Multisensory Behavior in Mobile Media Age: An Application of McLuhan’s Media Ecology Theory,” Tao Sun (University of Vermont), Bu Zhong (Penn State University), Yakun Huang (Jinan University) and Yu Zhou (South China University of Technology)

• “Tech Affordance of U&G – A Pilot Study of Needs Sought by Chinese and US College Students from Mobile Apps,” Chenjie Zhang (University of South Carolina Beaufort)

• “Facebook Addiction and Anxiety without Facebook: The Role of Gender, Trait Anxiety, Facebook Intensity, and Different Facebook Activities,” Wenjing Xie (Marist College) and Kavita Karan (Southern Illinois University)

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