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Big Data in Journalism

Hongrong Li

Dr. Hairong Li

Professor, College of Communication Arts and Science, Michigan State Univerisity 

Lei Guo

Dr. Lei Guo

Assistant Professor, College of Communication, Boston University 

Dehuan Liu
Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 10.11.11

Dr. Dehuan Liu

Professor and Vice Dean, School of New Media, Peking University 

In the past two years, CCA has been collaborating with ACCS (Association for Chinese Communication Studies) on co-hosting academic brown bags on WeChat, covering various topics such as health communication research, academic services, and international collaborations.

The most recent brown bag panel was co-hosted by the two organizations on May 3rd., 2019, focusing on a discussion of using big data in journalism and communication research. The three panelists were Dr. Hairong Li from Michigan State University, Dr. Lei Guo from Boston University, and Dr. Dehuan Liu from Peking Universities.


The panel lasted for an hour, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (EST). In the first 50 minutes, the three panelists answered several questions pre-collected from CCA and ACCS members, such as how to start a big data research project, how to collaborate with scholars from other disciplines, and how to handle ethical issues in using big data. The last 10 minutes were opened up for the audience to raise questions and offer feedback.

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