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CCA/ICA Panel, May 28, 2023

We have recently concluded the CCA paper competition for the 2023 ICA annual conference. The submissions continued to reflect the broad definition of Chinese communication promoted by CCA in recent years. The papers discussed many interesting and some unexplored topics. They also represented a variety theoretical approaches and methodological positions – a trend we hope to continue.

Here is the lineup of the papers that will be presented on the CCA panel at 2020 ICA:

4:30 PM-5:45 PM, M - Birchwood Ballroom (Sheraton), Chinese Communication Association (CCA) Research Session: Knowledge, Trust, and Digital/Social Media in the Chinese Context

Chairs: Yong Volz, U of Missouri; Junhao Hong, State U of New York at Buffalo

Discussant: Trisha T. C. Lin, National Chengchi U 

  • GMF and Hostile Media: Effects of Journalistic Motive and Expertise on Perception, Polarization, and Discursive Activities Y. Chen; S. Zhou; X. Fu 

  • Parasocial Relationship in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Moderated Mediation Model of Digital Media Exposure on Political Trust Among Chinese Young People P.L. Liu

  • Examine Military’s Public Relations Practices in the Social Media Era: A Case Study on Chinese Military’s Use of WeChat (Best Faculty Paper) W. Huang; Y. Wang 

  • Feeling It, Expressing It, and Performing It: Chinese Knowledge Workers’ Emotional Experiences With Social Technology Platforms V. Huang 

  • Social Positioning and the Construction of Polymedia Practices in Everyday Life (Best Student Paper) Y. Hu; J. Guo; Y. Wangliu 

  • False Anime Appearance, Real People Inside: Performance and Emotional Labor of Virtual YouTubers Y. Luo

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