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2021 Award Winners

  • Best Faculty Article Award:


Dr. Hsuan-Ting Chen (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Dr. Lei Guo (Boston University) and Chao Chris Su (Boston University) received the Best Faculty Article Award for their article “Network Agenda Setting, Partisan Selective Exposure, and Opinion Repertoire: The Effects of Pro- and Counter-Attitudinal Media in Hong Kong”. This study used data from a content analysis of partisan media and a public opinion survey administered in Hong Kong to test media effects on people’s perception of the relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China. Their nominator Dr. Celine Song said this study has made “important contributions to the network agenda-setting literature” by incorporating individuals’ partisan selective exposure into the network agenda-setting model. This study is laudable for its “theoretical depth” as well as “methodological innovativeness” in that “Dr. Chen and her co-authors developed an innovative approach to explore the respondents’ opinion repertoire.”

  • Outstanding Dissertation Award:


Dr. Lei Guo, currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, is one of two recipients of the Outstanding Dissertation Award. The title of her dissertation is “Elephant in the Room: A Study of the Impact of Emotional Experiences on Burnout among Chinese Reporters”. Nominated by Dr. Yong Volz at the University of Missouri, this dissertation examines how Chinese journalists experienced and managed emotions during their work. Dr. Volz, who has served on more than 50 dissertation committees from five different academic programs, commented that, “Dr. Guo’s dissertation is one of the most thoughtfully and passionately conceived, theoretically insightful, and methodologically rigorous journalism dissertation I have had the opportunity to read.”


Dr. Kecheng Fang, currently an Assistant Professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong, also won the Outstanding Dissertation Award. His dissertation explores the ideological landscape of the Chinese media environment by mapping media bias in China through sophisticated computer assisted content analysis, computational science methods, data visualization, and depth interviews with members of the Chinese media. According to his nominator Dr. Michael X. Delli Carpini at the University of Pennsylvania, “these original findings, and Kecheng’s interpretation of them, not only provide a more nuanced, insightful picture of the Chinese media landscape than has prior research, but also provide a more globally and comparatively useful model and method for studying national media eco-systems than existing theory and methods allow.”

  • Lifetime Achievement Award:

Dr. Joseph M. Chan is the recipient of the 2021 CCA Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Chan is Emeritus Professor of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, from where he served as CCA President during 1998-2000. Internationally renowned and highly recognized on both sides of the Pacific, Dr. Chan was the first communication scholar to receive the Changjiang Chair Professorship (hosted by Fudan’s Journalism School during 2006-2009) as well as the first Chinese to be inducted as a Fellow of the International Communication Association in 2013. Dr. Chan is also the founding Editor-In-Chief of the Journal Communication & Society 《傳播與社會學刊》 and the founding Director of the Centre for Chinese Media and Comparative Communication Research at CUHK. According to his nominator Dr. Jack Qiu, “Through his eminent scholarship and institution-building achievements, Professor Chan has been a superb role model inspiring generation after generation of CCA members. He has blazed so many new trails and taught so many of us so well. Yet he is always so humble, approachable, and generous with his time when it comes to serving the CCA community.”

  • Graduate Teaching Award:


Mr. Lingshu Hu, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Missouri is the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. Nominated by Dr. Michael W. Kearney at the University of Missouri for his “endless work ethic, immense curiosity, and impressive growth”, Mr. Hu was an instructor of record for the course “Fundamentals of Visual Journalism and Strategic Communication” and a co-instructor for the course “Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism”. He received comments saying he is “humorous, kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and made classes enjoyable”. Dr. Kearney said “Lingshu has made numerous important contributions to journalism and communication studies through his teaching.” 

  • Service Award:


Dr. Wenjing Xie, an Associate Professor at Marist College, is a recipient of the Outstanding Service Award. As Co-Chair of the CCA Award Committee, Dr. Xie manages all aspects of the promotion, nomination, judging and presentation of the CCA Awards with great assiduity. She has never wavered in her support for the various initiatives of the CCA. She has actively assisted with CCA communications and has invited many distinguished scholars to partner with CCA. Her nominator Dr. Shuhua Zhou said Wenjing deserves recognition for “her sustained excellent service.” 


Dr. Sunny Xun Liu, an Associate Director of the Social Media Lab at Stanford, also won the Outstanding Service Award. Dr. Liu was CCA Newsletter Editor in the early 2010s and now CCA-AEJMC Research Co-Chair. As Editor, she put together some of the most substantive newsletters including her interviews with renowned scholars. As Co-Chair, she has been fully dedicated to the work of conference program arrangements and submission reviews during conferences. According to her nominator Dr. Jack Qiu: “CCA is most blessed to have such outstanding members as Dr. Sunny Liu.”

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